We are specialized in natural fibres and we use advantage of our well-known integrated factory in Izmir.

Mert Ipek garment department is established on 2011. We wanted to help our customers to produce garments made with our natural fabrics.

After 8 years of experience, we now achieved 35.000 pieces of silk garments export annually. We have customers mainly from Europe: Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Greece, United Kingdom, Finland and USA.

Integrated to our fabric production, we are offering customers full-service: From yarn to ready-to wear product, they can get what they need at once from one contact.

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If you need a experienced and reliable partner, on-time delivery and fast updates in fabrics (short-term seasonal updates in wide collection) sourcing, Mert Ipek is a very good choice.

If you would like the price to be properly controlled so your clothing is affordable, quality is taken good care of so you won’t have headache of faulty returns, delivery is up to time so you don’t lose time against awaiting customers, you need an experienced manufacturing team.

If you want communication to be efficient, a team with good language skills and understanding in high quality fashion helps a lot.

Mert Ipek Garment department has more than 20 experienced manufacturing sewers, skillful pattern makers, an experienced QC team and designers&sales team who have been in this industry for years.

We hope you like what we do and what we can do. Please take a look and send us an email if you would like to know more.

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