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Please watch our factory video to see how we work

Our Mission

Solution partner about production of value-added* garments.
*What is value-added?

  • Silk, linen, wool, organic cotton & Blends are used in our production.
  • Sustainable, Ethical, Transparent Business Model
  • High Quality Production
  • Competitive Price Strategy

Our Vision

To become one of the leading manufacturers of Turkey in sustainable & natural & organic textile products.

About Us

Mert Ipek is the only integrated silk factory in Turkey.
  As a company policy we only work with natural fibers such as Silk, Linen and Wool, cupro, organic cotton and viscose with various blends; woven & jersey fabrics are natural elements of our collection.
  Our journey has started at the end of the Silk road by the 1949, in Birgi. Our region was famous for its silk production in those days. Tahir Mert bought his first weaving looms and started the business in silk fabric supply to local market. He was genius enough to fight technical impossibilities by his inventions like for old machines.
After his dead by 1981, Zeki Mert take over the business. In 1984, after his marriage with Gulten Mert; Mert Ipek founded. Together they made the business grow from local to territorial.
  With 3rd generation today, we are proud to be one of top 100 fast growing companies of Turkey. Now Mert Ipek is the leading company who produces Silk in Turkey.
  Mert Ipek garment department is established on 2011. We wanted to help our customers to produce garments made with our natural fabrics.
  After 8 years of experience, we now achieved 35.000 pieces of silk garments export annually. We have customers mainly from Europe: Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Greece, United Kingdom, Finland and USA.
Integrated to our fabric production, we are offering customers full-service: From yarn to ready-to wear product, they can get what they need at once from one contact.